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About Union Missionary Baptist Church

Union Missionary Baptist Church is a warm and welcoming community of believers in Waco, TX. We are dedicated to sharing the love and teachings of Jesus Christ with our congregation and the surrounding community.

Over the years, Union Missionary Baptist Church has had the privilege of serving a diverse group of individuals and families. Our doors are open to anyone seeking spiritual guidance, fellowship, and a place to worship.

Our Approach

Our Approach to Faith and Service

Biblical Teaching

At Union Missionary Baptist Church, we believe in the power of God’s Word. Our approach to faith is rooted in biblical teaching, using the Bible as our guide for living a life pleasing to God. Through in-depth study and practical application, we strive to grow in our understanding of Scripture and its relevance to our daily lives.

Community Outreach

As followers of Christ, we are called to love and serve others. Community outreach is a core part of our approach at Union Missionary Baptist Church. We actively seek opportunities to make a positive impact in our local community through acts of kindness, volunteer work, and supporting those in need. Together, we strive to be a beacon of hope and love where all are welcome.

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